Local youth rugby players part of an historic match at Soldier Field

Ireland’s Rugby team joined the Cubs this weekend in breaking a 111 year old drought against the mighty New Zealand All Blacks who had not lost a game against the Irish in over 100 years.
Soldier Field was packed with 62,300 rugby fans from around the world, with many from the Chicago land area. Acting as ball runners for the game were 4 players from our local youth team the Chiefs RFC. This once in a lifetime experience was something these young players will never forget.
Rugby is the fastest growing youth sport in the country¬†and has seen a 100% increase in participation over the last 5 years while participation in youth sport in general has declined. Although still a relatively small sport in the country, interest is growing and games such as the one this weekend at Soldier Field and it’s reintroduction to the Olympics this past summer helps grow awareness of the sport.

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