Rugby tackling takes hold in youth football

With a growing body of medical evidence suggesting long-term negative effects of head trauma and concussions, coaches and parents of Loudoun’s young football players are actively seeking help so their kids can play the game the right way while simultaneously protecting the growing bodies of those kids.

Some believes that  football’s solution lies in another tackle-heavy sport called rugby.

Ken Fraine a technical director of Loudoun Rugby, and he is a co-educational in youth organization said that, he love football as well as rugby. But one of the selling points of rugby is its a very safe sport. Very few injuries and few concussions compared to football. The number one thing for safety is out of the tackle.

The key, Fraine explained, is for the tackler to avoid making contact with his or her head, getting the feet in the right spot and hitting with the shoulder instead. As the tackler and the tackled fall to the ground, the tackler’s head avoids further contact by landing on top, not under, the body of the ball carrier.

Fraine said that this is in contrast to football tackling, where the tacklers head goes across the ball carrier’s body, so your head automatically comes into contact. Rugby is a very efficient way of tackling. There’s no launching your body like a missile at somebody. That sort of tackling is completely out of rugby.

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  1. I agree that rugby is a safe sport compared to other sports, it will be good for the youth both boys and girls. This sport also avoid them into severe injuries.

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